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Social, political and economic impacts

Changes in technology used in law enforcement  has caused social, political and economic impacts on our society. Following list explains it in detail..

Positive Impacts
Negative Impacts
  1. The improved technology such as radars, cars, and people have made communities safer.
  2. Computer Tracking, DNA, Forensic sciences, CCTV, Police cruisers, Weapons, Helicopters, AFIS, Biometrics, Radios, Phonetics, Gear all have improved law enforcement. The sciences and the studies help the law enforcement by innovating and situating new technology in our social stations.

  1. The improved technology has also made it easier for the criminals to disturb a social area. The advanced guns have made it quite dangerous.
  2. Technology has been well known to spread information, which can lead to various crimes such as Identity Theft.
  1. Law Enforcement has made political security ordinances much more High-Tech. The FBI is a great example of the high-tech improvement in technology. Our secret service is always being upgraded with the technology advancements.
  1. If we can trust the Politian instead of the technology they hold. For example, let’s say a politician is holding up a speech against his opponent. Can we truly trust what he is saying or can we trust the Ipad below him that is giving him all the answers. Does it prove that the politician actually knows what he is talking about, or is it just reading of a screen?
  2. Biased Social Media can influence us to. With no doubt some news leans to the Republican Party and news leans to Democratic Party. With these two media sites, the audience is getting negatively influenced into something that is not true. Social media can be very devastating to politicians and politics itself.
  1. The technology in Law Enforcement department has made the residents eager to move into a neighborhood where the crime rate is low. When residents move into a neighborhood, the job rate will also increase with it.

  1. The expense for the evolved weaponry, services, and equipment is taking a major toll on the economy.
  2. Recently, in the past few months Law Enforcement Agencies have been experiencing some cuts. The Stimulus Package had billions of dollars for Law Enforcement, the smart agencies had to find a way to stretch out there agencies.